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Toshiba announces new 2.5-inch hard drives

by on02 September 2009


Up to 640GB

Just a day after Hitachi's 500GB 2.5-inch drives, Toshiba has announced a full line of its new 2.5-inch drives for notebook use.

This new series will be available 160, 250, 320, 500, and 640GB capacities, will have a spinning speed of 5400RPMs and 8MB of cache. As this series targets notebooks, Toshiba has equipped it with a free-fall sensor in case the notebook decides to jump of the table.

In addition to these drives, Toshiba has also announced a new 640GB portable hard drive that will be available in four different colors. It features USB 2.0 interface and comes preloaded with backup software.

The new hard drives should be shipped to various OEMs later this month while the 640GB drive should be available pretty soon as well, with a US $180 price tag.


Last modified on 03 September 2009
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