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Kingston launches new XMP 2GB DDR3 kit

by on24 June 2008


Kingston HyperX 1800MHz XMP

Kingston has launched a new DDR3 HyperX kit that will come with Intel's eXtreme Memory Profile (XMP) certification.

As part of the XMP certified lineup, these kits will work at their best when paired up with Intel's X38/X48 series chipsets. According to Kingston's press release they hope that Intel will include the XMP on its P45 chipsets, as well.

The new 2GB kit works at 1800MHz with 8-8-8-24 latencies and needs 1.9V. The kit is cooled by Kingston's HyperX heatsinks, and as a part of that series it comes with a lifetime warranty.

The suggested price for this new kit stands at US $340.00.


Last modified on 25 June 2008
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