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Corsair announces 2GHz DDR3 memory

by on19 March 2008


Nvidia 790i Ultra SLI certified


As you
may have noticed, the official release of Nvidia's 9800GX2 and 790i Ultra SLI was yesterday and Corsair is certainly ready for it. Corsair has officially announced its new 2GB Dominator kit working at 2,000MHz. This is probably the same kit that we wrote about here, during CeBIT.

As mentioned, this kit works at 2,000MHz and is made up of two 1GB modules. Back at CeBIT, Corsair showcased this same kit working stable at 2,133MHz at 8-8-8-24 latencies and 1.9V. As a part of Corsair's SLI-ready partner memory it is pre-loaded with EPP2, which should mean that you don't have to manually set the clock speed when paired up with Nvidia's 790i Ultra SLI chipset.

Other Corsair DDR3 modules that support EPP2 are the Dominator 2GB kit working at 1,800MHz and the XMS DHX 2GB kit working at 1,600MHz. The price of the 2,000MHz kit is still unknown, but expect a high price tag, since the lowest price for Corsair's 2GB Dominator DDR3 1800MHz kit is €317.38.


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