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Qimonda does power efficient FB-DIMMs

by on04 July 2007

8GB density

German memory manufacturer Qimonda has announced its new range of power efficient FB-DIMM modules with capacities of up to 8GB. According to the press release, these are the first quad ranked FB-DIMMs.

The modules are rated at speeds up to 800MHz, as next generation servers from Intel will be moving up from 667MHz to 800MHz memory.

Thanks to Qimonda's improved manufacturing process at 75nm these modules can operate at 1.5V instead of the usual 1.8V without any loss of performance. Qimonda also claims that this will reduce the overall memory power draw by the server and it sees this as a key part of new power efficent servers.

The new FB-DIMMs will be available in capacities of 1, 2 and 4GB as dual ranked modules and 2, 4 and 8GB as quad ranked modules. Qimonda is already shipping samples of the 8GB modules to key partners for evaluation.

Last modified on 04 July 2007
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