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DDR3 to officially pass over 2000 MHz

by on28 May 2007


Computex for announcement(s)

A few memory manufactures will showcase its DDR3 memory clocked at over 2,000 MHz. DDR3 1333 or 1500 is so overclockable that it is a walk in a park to get this memory over the 2,000 MHz mark.

You don’t gain much performance, but hey it’s a cool number. Jedec certifies DDR3 at 1066,1333 and 1600 but no more than that, but you can always overclock if you want to go faster.

With a good motherboard, P35 chipset and only a few extra of volts, you will be able to get over DDR3 2000 speeds and that is what many birds wants to show at Computex.

Last modified on 28 May 2007
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