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OpenAI limited to Volish cloud

by on27 July 2023

Rivals will have to come up with their own tech

Customers have asked to run OpenAI models on non-Microsoft cloud services or their own local servers, but OpenAI has no immediate plans to offer such options,

This means to use OpenAI's technology, paying customers have two choices: They can go directly through OpenAI or through Microsoft, which has inked a deal to be the exclusive cloud service for OpenAI.

However, Vole will not allow OpenAI's models to be available on other cloud providers; rivals, such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud or Oracle, can't be OpenAI customers.

Microsoft would allow OpenAI models to be offered "on-premises", in which customers build their own servers. Creating such solutions would pose some challenges, particularly around OpenAI's intellectual property. But it is technically feasible.

This means that Volish and OpenAI rivals will have to develop their own products. 

Last modified on 27 July 2023
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