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Which developers get the most cash

by on06 December 2021

If you bet cloud you can collect your money

This year’s highest paid software developers are those who are creating code for the cloud according to Robert Half's 2022 Salary Guide.

The highest paying non-C-suite role in 2021 is the cloud architect. Organisations are looking for talented engineers to guide their digital transformation efforts.

Cloud/network architect collects $153,750-$180,500 while an application architect makes $150,500-$180,250

Software developer job titles have proliferated in recent years, and there is a clear need for mobile and applications developers, who get paid on average far better than their colleagues still working on mainframes.

This is the list of salaries:

Software and applications manager: $142,500-$166,250
Mobile applications developer: $137,250-$163,750
Senior software engineer: $135,250-$162,250
Software engineer: $124,500-$147,250
Software developer: $122,250-$142,750
Developer/programmer analyst: $112,500-$133,750

Developers responsible solely for web applications get paid on a slightly different scale than standard software developer job titles.

Senior web developer: $128,750-$151,000
Web developer: $111,000-$131,500
Front-end developer: $93,250-$107,750

The tech-sector recruiting is "especially active," with employers hiring tech professionals "at or beyond pre-pandemic levels" according to the report.
Just over half of tech employers said they were adding new positions, with 49 per cent offering signing bonuses to new employees, and hiring is especially strong in areas like cloud services, AI/machine learning, and data analysis.

One perk being offered more frequently by tech-oriented businesses: unlimited time off.


Last modified on 07 December 2021
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