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Catalyst 8.3 is out and about

by on06 March 2008


Much to everyone's surprise

long-awaited Catalyst 8.3 drivers are out and available for download.

Unlike the majority of driver releases which are merely cosmetic in nature, the new 8.3 version brings some genuinely new and interesting stuff. And it gives us something to write about, apart from the usual fixes and performance boost promises which too often fail to materialize.

We talked about CrossFireX on numerous occasions and it's finally here, at the worst possible moment. All of our graphics guys are in Hannover, so you'll have to wait a bit to see it in action, but you can expect an interesting read once we get around to testing it.

The other novelty is Hybrid graphics, which will enable you to utilize your IGP and graphics card in tandem. It's going to make the most sense on a 780G mobo combined with some low-end discrete graphics. We're also looking forward to seeing it in action on Puma, AMD's new mobile platform.

As expected, both Hybrid graphics and CrossFireX are supported only under Vista.

You can find out more and download the drivers on AMD's game site, here.


Last modified on 06 March 2008
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