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AMD's new Fusion is codenamed Swift

by on14 December 2007


Delayed to 2H 2009

AMD has changed many plans, and it is now telling its investors that the new APU, Accelerated Processing Unit, that unified the graphics chipset and a CPU in a single chipset won't be out until 2H 2009.

Back in 2006, AMD claimed that it could have Fusion out in late 2008, then it pushed it back to early 2008, and all of a sudden we are talking about second half of 2009.

It won’t be a new chipset to begin with. AMD will take one of the existing Stars cores developed in 45nm and a GPU core based on existing high end discrete. AMD claims that this will be the second 45 nanometer product and it will be developed by the current Silicon on insulator rules.

Griffin-based Northbridge will also be the part of this chipset. The graphics core inside will support DirectX and UVD, but AMD hasn’t disclosed what generation is inside the graphics, R6xx or R7xx.

The chip has its own memory controller, cache and a PCIe interface. It doesn’t sound as impressive as Fusion, but we guess that this is the best that they hope that AMD can do.  

All of the information comes from the presentation that Mario Rivas, Executive VP or AMD released to the investors yesterday in New York.

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