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RV670 to lose XT, PRO and GT tail

by on23 October 2007


Only numbers

We are still not sure about the final name for the new RV670 chips. Many sources suggest that HD 3800 is the name for the whole range and that 3870 is RV670XT, while 3850 is the RV670PRO.

We can tell you that the final name and clock are still on ice, but we have confirmed that ATI will lose the suffixes in the name. ATI / AMD have pulled quite a joke on us with the Radeon HD2950 name release, apparently just to amuse the market since it appears that this name will not be the real deal.

Whatever the final name ends up to be, there won’t be any more XT, PRO and GT, as it confuses the average Joe.

ATI will go after the majority of the market that thinks a higher model number means a better card, and that by itself provides us answers as to where ATI/ AMD are going with this. We can only say that this is sad, but true.

Last modified on 24 October 2007
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