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First Nvidia integrated chipset for Intel this year

by on26 July 2007


AMD slipped in 2007 says Nvidia

Nvidia’s Chief financial officer Marvin Burkett, an ex AMD chap if we remember correctly, told the investors that the chipset numbers were down as AMD didn’t do so well this year. We are not surprised and Nvidia relied mainly on the AMD market and only on high end Intel and therefore this business unit didn’t make enough money.

This is about to change as Nvidia’s CEO pre-announced that Nvidia plans to reveal an integrated chipset for Intel as well. Nvidia doesn’t want to remain one sided and it wants a piece of Intel’s market as well.

It is becoming tough to be AMD’s chipset lowerboy, as AMD had quite a lot of success with its 690 chipset that came out of the ATI lab. AMD claims that it already sold more than a million of these and we think that Nvidia’s integrated business also suffered because of this.

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