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Lasso pictures arrives online

by on12 June 2007

It's a big box for 2, 3 or 4 cards

VR-Zone managed to grab a few shots of a Lasso setup at Computex, something we sadly missed out on. The Lasso setup is relying on an external chipset with support for up to 48 PCIe lanes. This means that there's enough bandwidth for a wide range of configurations.

The sensible options are two x16 for two cards in a smaller box, three x16 for physics as well as CrossFire or four x8 or possibly two x16 and two x8 slots for quad CrossFire.

The setup is using passivly cooled cards with massive heat pipes and copper heatsinks, but the case features two front mounted fans that are blowing cool air over the graphics cards.

It is still some time until this product will be available in the market, but it bodes well for DAMMIT if they can get Lasso out of the lab this side of Chrimbo.

You can take a look at the picture over at VR-Zone here
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