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Call of Juarez DX10 benchmarked

by on16 May 2007
Doesnt look good for DAAMIT

Call of Juarez, ATI's mysterious benchmark has been tested with a DirectX 10 patch.

Colleagues at did the benchmarking, comparing four cards, the Radeon HD 2900 XT, the Geforce 8800 GTS, GTX and Ultra. This is not an "Nvidia sponsored benchmark" as AMD claims Lost planet is. Still, it doesn't looks too good for DAAMIT. The Radeon HD 2900 XT beats the 8800 GTS, but it is still loosing the fight against the GTX by about 3 FPS.

We are talking about the same demo that ATI gave to journalists in Tunisia, which again bring us to DAAMIT's claim that someone is "sponsoring a certain demo". Here is a screen shot of the benchmark numbers.


DAAMIT loses in its own game, and again it is throwing stones at the Nvidia sponsored title "Lost Planet". You can check out the complete benchmark, and some screen shots of Call of Juarez in DirectX 10 on

DAAMIT this doesnt look good for R600XT.  

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