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G80 GTX / Ultra renders a realistic head

by on09 May 2007


Looks awaresome

Nvidia's developer team made a cool looking demo that is simply called NVIDIA's Human Head Demo.

Well it is Human head demo on the Geforce 8800 Ultra, but a GTX will run it as well. The demo use a new sum-of-Gaussians formulation of subsurface scattering within a multi-layered skin model powered by the fast shader performance of the Geforce 8800 Ultra.

This is how you can get a realistic real time human skin, something that has never before been seen in real time. Nvidia is using HDR lighting and computes 17 off screen texture for every frame, with a total of 40 million pixels. Each is shaded with a lengthy pixel Shader. When you add up the numbers we are talking about 1.2 million pixels every second.

Nvidia uses 4096x4096 colour and normal textures that can result in extremely realistic picture details even at extremely close range.

Graphzilla will probably release the demo soon, but until that happens you can check the video here or here for more DirectX 10 and Nvidia news. It is still only a hairless head as the hair is very hard to render and to make it look realistic. It is only a head, not even the Head of PR.




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