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Nvidia stops disties from selling GeForce cards to server and HPC markets

by on27 October 2017

They are supposed to be for workstations

Nvidia has started enforcing a measure that requires its distribution partners to stop shipping GeForce cards to server and high-performance computer (HPC) clients.

Nvidia's Quadro series is designed for workstation products and Tesla for GPU-powered servers and deep learning applications, but many suppliers have been using GeForce graphics cards for their products to help customers to save costs.

Nvidia might be pleased that revenues from the GeForce series products have grown dramatically thanks to rising demand for gaming applications, but it is worried about losing cash on professional graphics cards, which generate more profits.

Most distributors are expected to stick to the requirement since violating the rule may result in reduced graphics card supplies from Nvidia.

HPC and server players are concerned that the new move could lead to increased risks as equipping Quadro and Tesla series graphics cards will significantly raise the products' prices.

Last modified on 27 October 2017
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