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Nvidia schedules Made to Game event for March 3

by on11 February 2015

In San Francisco, at GDC 2015

Nvidia plans a new product announcement on the second day of MWC 2015 and it has sent invitations to press outlets for an event scheduled for the 3rd of March 2015. 

The only catch is that Nvidia event is actually on the other side of the globe, in San Francisco, and is a part of another event called Games Developers Conference 2015, not MWC 2015.

Nvidia teases that Made to Game event is about something that was "5 years in the making" and that will redefine the future of gaming. We kind of heard such bold announcements before, but since we don’t know what this might be, we cannot offer any insight. We also heard that G-sync would kill AMD, and that didn't happen either, not even close. 

We do know that Nvidia is actively working on virtual reality technology, and we would not be surprised to see some form of Tegra-powered product on the stage (since the Tegra fits the "5 years in the making" statement).

The fact that Nvidia wants Android-focused press outlets to attend the event suggests we are looking at an Android device, or Shield device to be more precise. It's not the new Titan based on a GM200-series GPU. Titan II was not five years in making, so it has to be something different. [Tegra X1 Shield Tablet, Shield Portable, or maybe Shield VR, take your pick and head down to the comment section. Ed]

The 5 years in the making part makes us wonder. 


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