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Nvidia Maxwell Geforce 800 comes in September

by on12 August 2014

20nm desktop chip is ready

Nvidia was always cautious when talking about upcoming Maxwell parts, the first of which was launched back in March and based on the first-generation Maxwell architecture. 

This left quite a bit of room for speculation about the second generation chip which was the new architecture shrunk to 20nm. We learned that Geforce GT 750 TI and 750 cards were closer to the Kepler architecture than originally thought, but they were also much more power efficient than Kepler chips, so Nvidia decided to call this transitional architecture Maxwell. 

Now the company is ready for the Geforce 800 series and it looks like this chip will be power efficient and powerful, too. For Nvidia it was all about getting the 20nm manufacturing process to the point where it makes financial sense, while gaining a performance uplift substantial to excite customers and get them to buy new cards.

Nvidia will invite a few chaps to its headquarters in the first half of September, but this doesn’t mean that the actual event talks place at the same time. We expect Nvidia to announce the second generation Maxwell before its Q3 2015 financial conference call, simply as it will make it look good. With that in mind Nvidia will look better in the eyes of investors and the potential Denver Tegra K1 64 Nexus design win should help, too.

Mobile Maxwell in 20nm based on the upcoming Geforce 800 series will also come before the holiday shopping season. As far as we know 20nm GPUs from AMD won’t launch this year, but we could be wrong. It is too early to say for sure.

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