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Radeon R9 290X sold out in hours

by on28 October 2013

Fastest selling card in recent history

A major US-based etailer has informed us that the new Radeon R9 290X sold out quite fast. In fact, they said that it sold a lot faster than any card in recent history and this happened on the launch day, in a matter of hours.

AMD shipped a few thousand cards to US etailers and retailers and from what we can tell they sold them practically instantly. Some major player expects to get larger batches of cards this week but the demand is overwhelming and they will probably sell out just as fast.

This is good news for AMD, as it looks like the company finally woke up form long period of hibernation in graphics space and got a lot of attention. Reviewers were not huge fans of Über mode, but it is interesting that the marketing is more forgiving to AMD than it was to Nvidia with its NV30 leaf blower fan.

AMD at least has a quiet mode for the average Joe and has an option to pump more frames at the expense of a lot of extra heat and noise.

People who got up early enough and got some of the cards are now selling them on eBay for $600 to $700, depending on level of eBayer seller greediness. Some even want $899 but we believe that they are pushing their luck.

Most of the cards listed on eBay are Battlefield 4 editions and you can see them listed here.

As for Europe, getting an R9 290X today is next to impossible. Hundreds of shops have them listed for as little as €460, but only seven shops actually have product in stock – and they’re charging a premium, so prices range from about €570 to €594.

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