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The real reason behind apparent lack of Mantle devs

by on09 October 2013

EA and DICE have timed exclusivity deal

A lot has been said about Mantle over the last couple of weeks, AMD’s new API has a fair share of supporters, but detractors are not lacking either.

One of the biggest concerns voiced by industry watchers was the apparent lack of support for the new API from leading developers. Sure, DICE and EA are on board, but the rest of the industry didn’t appear to be on board.

There seems to be a very good reason for that. According to Forbes, DICE and EA have a “timed exclusivity agreement from a PR standpoint.” However, AMD told Forbes that several more developers should be announced in November, at AMD’s APU 13 conference. 

EA currently has more than 15 Frostbite games in development, with Mantle support. These include big titles like new instalments of NFS, Command and Conquer, Mass Effect and Mirror’s Edge.

AMD is promising “several” new developers at APU 13, but who are they? Are they big or small players? If we were to speculate, we’re place our bets on somewhat bigger developers with a big footprint on the console scene, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Last modified on 09 October 2013
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