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TrueAudio also works on two-channel setups

by on25 September 2013

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Mono in, stereo out


After his impressive 7.1 TrueAudio presentation, CEO of Gen Audio Jerry Mahabub pulled off a neat little stunt.

He said the technology is not just limited to people with top notch 7.1 and 5.1 systems, but it can also benefit those with plain stereo speakers. Mahabub said the processing technology allows even stereo speakers to deliver a much more immersive experience and our ears on the ground agree – it works well.

Mahabub said the game industry has been so focused on improving graphics, that audio was shoved to the side, leaving very little processing power for proper audio.

“We focus on 3D audio, but to bring professional grade audio to the industry requires processing horsepower,” he said. He said AMD’s TrueAudio technology is finally making it possible to deliver professional grade audio in games.

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