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Geforce GTX 780 comes on May 23rd

by on16 May 2013

Overclocked a few weeks later

We got news from multiple sources that the Geforce GTX 780, based on GK110 Titan chip, is coming on the May 23rd. Nvidia is launching reference clocked cards and they should be available from day one, but most overclocked cards will show their face a few weeks later.

There will be overclocked cards, but from what we understand the Geforce GTX 780 is using a Titan cooler and most people will continue using it as it’s a high quality design. Some vendors might dare to use their custom cooling solutions as there are some available in the market and even water cooled cards might be in the works.

Reference cards should sell for around 500 euro, while overclocked cards will be closer to the 600 euro mark, but we expect some deviations depending on the market and the specific vendors. These prices are just a rough range of what Nvidia expects them to sell for.

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