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Nvidia prepares Geforce GT 655

by on15 March 2013

Geforce 650TI Boost Edition

Our birds from the Far East have whispered that Nvidia is working on a new SKU that might hit the market as the Geforce GT 655. The card is nothing more than a Geforce GT 650 TI boosted to higher clocks, with a 192-bit memory interface.

The plain Geforce GT 650 TI has 128-bit memory and the faster memory interface definitely means the faster overall performance. It simply brings more bandwidth.

We don’t know the clock but the GT 655 name sounds very plausible. The chip behind the card is most likely the GK106, but this is also something that we need to confirm.

The card should be coming very soon and it sounds like Nvidia thinks that there enough of a gap between Geforce GT 650 TI and Geforce GT 660 to fill with a new SKU.

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