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Intel’s top Ultrabook GPU is HD 5100

by on25 January 2013

GT3 based

It looks like Intel plans to create an even bigger branding mess in the already messy notebook market.

Despite the fact that it’s really hard to “read” processor numbers, it will create more confusion with different branding of the graphics part. For example, a 17W top Ultrabook processor will come with Intel HD graphics 5100, while the runner up comes with Intel HD graphics 5000. We could not find the difference in the clock speed and the rest of the specification, but we will do our best to figure it out.

GT2 based Ultrabooks will come with Intel HD graphics 4400, as well as 4200 as the slowest of them all. The 5xxx series comes with GT3 while the 4x00 graphics brand denotes a GT2 graphics module.

High performance notebooks will end up with 5200 and 4600 graphics that will obviously run faster than the Ultrabook parts.

The first Ultrabooks based on Haswell are scheduled to launch in Q3 2013 and there is no doubt that they should be ready for back to school. AMD is almost ready to launch its HD 8000 Radeon line and counter Haswell’s improved and faster graphics, and we are certain that Nvidia won’t sit idly by and wait for Intel to get better, either.

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