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Intel explains why it faked a DirectX 11 demo

by on13 January 2012

Red faces all around at CES

Redfaced Intel spinners have been explaining why Mooly Eden, general manager of Intel's PC client group, had to fake a DirectX 11 graphics demo on an Ivy Bridge Ultrabook.

The demo aimed to show off Ivy Bridge's DX11 capabilities by taking a lap in the game F1 2011. Eden used the controller wheel  but as the demo started there was a flash of VLC media player controls at the bottom of the screen.

To make matters worse Eden let go of the wheel and said he didn't need to use his hands "because they are driving it from backstage.  Oh dear, oh dear. Intel said that the demo was a late addition to Intel's presentation and the Santa Clara chip maker simply didn't have time to set it up live.

Chipzilla claims it works just as everyone saw in the video, and to prove it, the outfit was inviting CES press to see a real demo. Yeah it did work.

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