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Ivy Bridge GPU is DirectX 11

by on09 September 2011

Significantly faster than Sandy B
Ivy Bridge will get DirectX 11 support and you will be able to at least get the check box on all seven games that run on this Microsoft's latest API.

We got confirmation that Ivy Bridge is not just Sandy Bridge's Tock or shrink from 32nm to 22nm, and that the graphics core is undergoing some significant changes. The most obvious one is the fact that this graphics core supports DirectX 11 but we are quite sure that it won’t score that great in proper games like Crysis 2.

Intel will be happy that some DirectX 11 games will work on its integrated graphics, but Intel representatives have reminded us that high end gamers will still prefer to go for discrete solutions that can offer better experience.

It looks like Intel is finally getting over Larabee but even without good graphics it manages to capture massive 60 percent of the total graphics market. On the media performance side, Intel is doing quite well, as it can transcode video and to some video editing almost on par with its discrete competitors, if not even better in some cases.

DirectX 11 looks like it will stick with us for a while and we don't expect any major update before Windows 8 and probably even later.
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