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GTX 470 available for €207 in DACH

by on21 October 2010

In Holland below €190
Nvidia is either intimidated of Radeon HD 6870 or it has plenty Geforce GTX 470 cards it wants to flash. It is probably a combination of two, but in last two days Asus GTX 470 has dropped in price from €238.32 to current €206.99 + shipping cost.

Slashing prices dramatically usually means that you have a new thing around the corner. €207 is the price for Germany whereas DACH stands for German, Austria and Switzerland market. Our Dutch colleagues have informed us that this drop is even more dramatic as the price went down all the way to €190 and you can check that one here.

Radeon HD 6870 is supposed to debut at €250 but AMD can adjust the price up to the last minute, especially considering the fact that this card cannot really compete with much faster Geforce GTX 470 at the given price. We expect the pricing on Radeon 6870 and 6850 cards to get final later today.

It's the end users who will win with this recent price drop. Of course GTX 470 will need more power and will end up hotter, but it still easily outperforms Radeon HD 6870 and of course the slower HD 6850.

Such a move seems to indicate Nvidia has something new to counter Radeon HD 6870, which could launch this season.

You can get more details and order one here or check the recent price development here.

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