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Nvidia now offers notebook drivers on its page

by on19 December 2008



This is a good day for all notebook gamers with an Nvidia GPU inside. As of today you can go to and download the latest beta drivers that will enable CUDA and PhysX and hopefully add some game fixes as well.

In the past you would have to wait for the notebook manufacturer to release a new driver so you can download it but now, Nvidia will give you beta to play now and in early 2009 they will offer a WHQL version as well.

The current driver is Geforce 8 and 9 ready while the WHQLs will be available for Geforce 7, 8 and 9 notebook series. Nvidia is being very smart about this move as more than half of PC sold in Q3 2009 were notebooks and some of them were used for gaming.

We don’t have any numbers but we are sure that this market grows quarter to quarter and that it will continue this trend in 2009. The only thing that sucks with notebook gaming is that you are stuck with your usually inferior graphics card to any desktop one for the whole product cycle of that notebook and you have to buy a new notebook to get a new graphics, while you can easily upgrade your desktop.

Dwight Diercks, vice president of software engineering at NVIDIA also said “To accomplish this, we have worked diligently over the past year to modularize our driver architecture and develop a unified driver install package that will not only work with notebooks from all manufacturers but also maintain all of their specific model customizations such as hotkeys and suspend and resume functionality.”

If you use a notebook with Nvidia graphics, better go to and get yourself these beta babies.
Last modified on 19 December 2008
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