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Microsoft cuts Xbox One price in UK

by on24 September 2014

Attempts to narrow the gap across the pond

Microsoft has confirmed that it has officially cut the price of the Xbox One by £20 in the UK, which brings the Kinectless version of the console down to £329. Microsoft has said that this move to cut the price of the Xbox One is a UK-only move.

The move is an effort to continue to close the gap to the PlayStation 4. With the release of Destiny which has been a big hit, sales of the Xbox One consoles are up. While it isn’t anything to get excited about just yet, Microsoft is seeing improvement.

As for the possibility of a price drop in North America for the holiday season, we are not sure how aggressive Microsoft will want to be this holiday season, but sources we have spoken with tell us that they would not rule it out.

As one analyst we spoke with said to us, “If the slight price cut helps in the UK, I can see Microsoft trying the same thing here for the holidays, but it could come in the form of a rebate or perhaps they will opt to just run the free game promotion again. They know Sony has sold a lot of PlayStation 4 consoles and Microsoft will be eager to try and have a successful holiday season and if doing something is going to help them sell more consoles this holiday than Sony, I would think they will do it.”

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