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Phantom Dust sequel headed to Xbox One?

by on27 May 2014

Microsoft files for trademark in Europe

There were a number of titles released for the original Xbox that we remember as those we really enjoyed. One of these was the very well received Phantom Dust that was directed by Yukio Futatsugi who directed the first Panzer Dagoon for Sega and the spiritual successor Crimson Dragon which was a launch game for the Xbox One.

Originally released for the original Xbox back in 2004 in Japan and then 2005 in North America, Phantom Dust still holds up very well to this day. Microsoft has filed for the Phantom Dust trademark in Europe which could indicate that a new Phantom Dust sequel is in development. Whispers we hear suggest that this might be the new game from Japan that Microsoft has been talking about and since they already have a relationship with Yukio Futatsugi from his team’s work on Crimson Dragon, it does not take much to connect the dots and suggest that he might be working on a Phantom Dust sequel for Microsoft.

We are not sure what to expect for this news, but it could suggest that an announcement might be coming in the September Japan Xbox One launch time frame? Maybe, but at this point that still has to be a leap that we would file in the unconfirmed.

Last modified on 27 May 2014
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