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EA’s deal for Star Wars is a long one

by on21 November 2013

Deal said to last a decade according to EA

Not happy about the fact that Disney sold the rights to develop Star Wars video game titles to Electronic Arts? Well, you are apparently going to have a long time to get used to the idea because according to EA the Star Wars deal with Disney lasts for a decade.

What we know so far is that EA has the ongoing development of the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO continuing and the announcement of the new Star Wars Battlefront game that is in development at DICE. Beyond that we only know that Visceral and BioWare will also be developing new Star Wars titles, but we have no idea when that might be announced, but it could be as soon as E3 in June.

The new Star Wars film that is being directed by JJ Abrams is set to arrive in 2015, and it is safe to say that we should expect some tie in titles to be announced to go along with the new movie. EA and Disney are excited about the new partnership and the potential that these many games that are released over multiple genres could generate.

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