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EA’s UFC is only going to be 30fps at 1080p

by on06 November 2013

All in the name of improved visual presentation

EA Canada has confirmed that the upcoming release of EA Sports UFC will be running at 30fps at 1080p all in the name of improved visual presentation. UFC is running at 60fps in the game sim, but it renders at 30fps with the motion blur. This is on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

According to the developer they would have run it at 60fps, but the minimal benefit to the game play made the developer revert back to 30fps and offer enhanced graphical fidelity instead. In the past the development team has discovered that 60fps didn’t have a big impact on game play. It was best to spend the resources enhanced graphical fidelity instead.

While EA has not confirmed a launch date for UFC has yet to be confirmed, but we know that currently it is scheduled for the spring of 2014.

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