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Bug plagues Arkham Origins

by on04 November 2013

Patch expected this week

The release of Batman: Arkham Origins as not go very well. The game is plagued with a number of serious bugs that have caused players major issues.

Late last week publisher Warner Bros. acknowledged the bugs and have said that they are committed to fixing them. Warner Bros claims that they have identified the main issue and they are planning to release a patch later this week to address the problems. Of course it isn’t yet clear on what exactly they are planning to address with this patch, but we suspect this will be one patch of many to come for Arkham Origins.

Two of the biggest problems which are the “Infinite Falling/Falling Out of World” and the “Unable to Continue Story” are likely to be fixed with the patch, but it would be nice if they could also address the “FreeFlow Focus” not unlocking issue. According to what we understand from Warner, these three issues will be fixed in the upcoming patch.

As far as the different versions of the game go, it would seem the Xbox 360 version seems to be suffering a fair number of more serious problems that are isolated to that platform. The biggest of which has to be with the corrupting saves and the crash and freezing. While Warner seems to be aware of these issues, it doesn’t look like they will get addressed in this patch as it would seem the developers are still trying ot track down the root cause of these.

Warner is asking for patience while they address the issues, but it would seem that this is simply a case of not enough time before release or not enough beta testing before release, as we have to believe that some of these issues should have been caught and fixed before the game shipped.

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