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What about Kinect requirement & price?

by on21 June 2013

No change is coming anytime soon

While Microsoft has retreated from its DRM strategy on the Xbox One that had everyone in an uproar, the other two lingering issues with the Xbox One have to be the requirement for Kinect, and the price that is still much higher than the PlayStation 4.

Don’t expect Microsoft to change either of these anytime soon. Microsoft likes where they are price-wise, and bundling Kinect with the Xbox One is something that they believe is in the long-term best interest of the console. By including Kinect from the start, the reality is that everyone has one; thus, software developers have that at the start to take advantage of, and make use of it they will.

Part of the problem with the complaints about Kinect come from the fact that many view it as an accessory. With the Xbox One, the Kinect and Kinect technology is a core part of the Xbox One technology and it is designed from the ground up to use and take advantage of Kinect. We believe that from the start this will deliver a more seamless Kinect experience, and will make Kinect seem more like an integral part of the platform and less of an accessory.

As for the price, while it is more expensive at the start, the reality is that we think long-time Xbox 360 owners who want to stick with Xbox and the franchises on Xbox will have no problem paying the price. In the end, while some might grumble about the price, the difference is in the games. Faithful and loyal Xbox fans will pay it; while the price may cause some to wait, a better question might be how many of those that were going to wait have already pre-ordered a PS4?

We should have a clearer picture over the next several weeks judging by the number of pre-orders in each camp. Only then will we know if the decision to change the DRM policy on the Xbox One has translated into more pre-orders. As word of the change gets out, we think that it will. Xbox fans are loyal to the gaming franchises that they liked on Xbox, and that should make the difference to get them back into the fold and pre-ordering an Xbox One.

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