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Fuse demo to arrive 3 weeks ahead of release

by on06 May 2013

EA & Insomniac trying to get the word out

Insomniac’s first multi-platform title that is set to arrive at the end of May, known as Fuse, will be getting a demo release three weeks ahead of the actual official game release. The move we believe is an effort to drum up support for the title, and to give those that might not have known about it the time to head to their dealer and pre-order it to take advantage of the pre-order extras that come with the pre-order of the game.

Many may have forgotten about this title, as Insomniac announced it so long ago and it has been delayed a few times, which can’t make things easy. Nonetheless, the demo will arrive starting on May 7th and allow players to take on the role of the four elite operators that are the special agents at the center of this game.

Dalton Brooks, Izzy Sinclair, Jacob Kimble, and Naya Deveraux have a mission to protect the world from Fuse, which is best described as an alien energy source that has been taken by the Raven organization. In the game, players will have to use their co-op skills in online play that supports up to four players. The demo will offer both four player co-op as well as four player co-op with two players playing on the same console in a two-player split screen mode.

We have high hopes for this title, and let’s just hope that the game lives up to the billing. The demo arrives starting on Tuesday the 7th for download, and the game itself will land at retail on May 28th in North America and May 31st in Europe.

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