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Black Ops 2 buyers on PC get wrong disc

by on14 November 2012

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Can’t fully install because disc 2 is Mass Effect disc 2

Talk about a weird manufacturing disaster: many buyers of the PC version of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 are unable to install the game fully on their PC because they received the wrong second disc. Yes, that’s right, instead of disc 2 of Black Ops 2 for the PC, many received disc 2 for Mass Effect 2.

The tale of the wrong disc in the PC version is spreading like wildfire through the Internet, and so far, Activision has had no comment on what their plans are to address this snafu and remedy the mix-up.

The included CD Key is supposed to be able to be used to activate on Steam for a full download of the game, which does bypass the need for the second disc; and we have seen reports that this has worked for some. Others, however, who have limited broadband connections will not be able to use this as an option and will have to wait and to see what Activision does.

Sources tell us that Activision is looking into the matter, but so far has not announced how best to proceed. We do expect the company to deal with this problem and make PC buyers of the game whole, in one way or another.

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