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NFS: Most Wanted with Kinect?

by on30 July 2012

Advertising support suggests it is so

Is Kinect support going to be part of Need for Speed: Most Wanted? Supporting advertising suggests that Most Wanted could be a “Better with Kinect” title, but the strange thing is the case shown in advertising that we have seen for the 360 version is in a purple case; this normally means that the title requires Kinect.

After checking in with our sources, they are telling us that if the title does support Kinect, which seems to be the case, it will not be required; so it is very likely that the game will arrive in the standard green case with the “Better with Kinect” banner on it.

“It is just likely a marketing mistake,” one source told us, as it would not be logical for developer Criterion to switch from a controller-based title to only Kinect supported. It is likely that the Kinect support could refer to voice control of the GPS, and use the Kinect to take pictures of the player during “Take Downs,” similar to what we saw with the Xbox 360 camera in Burnout Paradise. “Actual driving control using the Kinect is unlikely,” said another source we spoke with.

Look for Criterion and EA to clear this up today with a posting in the forums or something on the web site.

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