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What about Bad Company 3?

by on19 July 2012

Still may make another in the future

Ian Tornay confirmed in the Battlefield forums that is not for a lack of love that the decision not to work on Battlefield 4 was made. Tornay claims that, “Everyone is still very proud and fond of the Bad Company franchise.”

The decision not to produce another Bad Company game right now does not mean that another one will not be produced in the future. As a matter of fact, Tornay asked the community what they would like to see in another Bad Company title, and members of the community are putting their two cents worth in.

Many in the Battlefield community have expressed unhappiness over the decision to produce Battlefield 4 as the next Battlefield. It would seem that a lot of players are of the opinion that it is simply too soon after Battlefield 3 for Battlefield 4 to be coming. EA and DICE seem surprised by the backlash from the community over the decision.

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