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360 controlled by iPad?

by on18 July 2012

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Microsoft update makes it so

In a surprise move to the latest update of the My Xbox Live app that Microsoft just released, you can now control your Xbox 360 from your iPad. No, it isn’t SmartGlass yet, but it does allow dashboard browsing, launching and game play with the controls on your iPad.

While it does require a quick sync up of your iPad to your Xbox 360, the process is painless. The same functionality was released previously for the iPhone about a month ago. It is interesting, but we are not really sure how much we would use it. While we might use the app to track achievements or send a message to a friend on Xbox Live, actual control using the iPad would only be appealing in some situations; and it is hard to say what those situations might be.

We suspect, however, the idea is to warm gamers up to SmartGlass prior to its release and getting players used to the idea of using their smartphones or tablets with the Xbox 360. You need to start someplace, and Microsoft may believe that this is as good as any place.

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