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Eden’s demise not accurate

by on15 May 2012

Test Drive Unlimited 2 support continues

Atari has completely dismissed the rumors that it has closed Test Drive Unlimited  developer Eden Games. In fact it says that the studio is open and continues its support for all of its titles including Test Drive Unlimited 2.

Atari believes that a statement about the divestment of Eden Studios in its earning statement is what started the rumors that the studio had been or was in the process of being closed. Nothing is further from the truth Atari claims, however we have confirmed that a rather large number of employees of Eden Studios were let go once it completed its last project and the studio did move to a new offices.

It would seem that while significant confusion surrounds the exact status of the studio and what exactly they might be working on, at least our sources are confirming that Atari is accurate when it says that the studio has not closed. Atari had no additional comment on the future of the Test Drive franchise and if any future titles were planned.

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