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Blizzard isn’t making Diablo for consoles yet

by on15 May 2012


Still potential for a console release someday

News confirming Diablo 3 for consoles is going to have to wait a little longer. While the company isn’t shy about the fact that it has hired console developers and is investigating the possibility of perhaps doing a console title, the truth is that Blizzard has still not officially announced a console version of Diablo 3.

While the developer might someday announce the release of a console version of Diablo III, right now there is no concrete plan to do so. While hiring console developers, Blizzard has referred to the process where consoles are concerned as experimental, which helps the developer hire people.

Right now, the developer is continuing to bring console developers in to see whether the idea will work, and what the experience would be like. Then, if Blizzard would decide to move forward with the development of a console version, the developer would have the proper people in place to do so.

It sounds like they still don’t know if they are going to actually produce a console version or not. Perhaps the real truth is hey want to make sure that console players know that they still need to buy Diablo III for the PC or Mac, as they have yet to commit to a console version and they may or may not do so in the future.

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