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Codename Durango summit in London?

by on29 February 2012

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At least we know Crytek is there

A post from a technical designer indicated that he is in London for a summit. This particular summit was said to be for codename Durango, if this developer’s tweet was accurate. Now that his tweet has been taken down, maybe it isn’t what we thought it was.

Durango is more than a Dodge SUV that we are found of, it is said to be Microsoft’s official shiny new codename for its Xbox next. A number of sources seem to be sure that this is the new codename that Microsoft is using.

While Microsoft has had little to no official comment (because as you know they don’t comment on rumors and speculation), a number of developers are now hiring for what they are calling next generation or future generation titles that obviously are not for the current generation of consoles. We believe that this does give the “Durango Tweet” much more validity than if these studios were not all talking about what is next.

We have reached out to our developer sources in the U.K. in an effort to confirm this Durango summit; and so far, from what they are saying, we think something’s up.

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