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THQ bails on kids’ games

by on26 January 2012

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Will focus on core franchises instead

All of the drama surrounding THQ has been answered for the time being with the news that the company will be bailing on producing licensed properties that are targeted at younger gamers. Instead, the company and its studios will focus on its core franchises going forward.

While its primary focus will be its core franchises, it will continue work toward building its digital delivery revenue stream as well as creating dedicated new digital properties for emerging platforms. Beyond this, we believe that they will continue to look for partnership situations where they can act as a distributor for other studios and publishers.

The streamlining of THQ will not affect certain previously released kids’ titles, and it will continue to sell those offerings. The current five core THQ studios will continue with UFC Undisputed, Darksiders II, Company of Heroes, insane, Saints Row, and Warhammer 40,000. Beyond this, THQ also has a new title in the works from the Patrice Desilets-led team.

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