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Latest Skyrim patch doesn’t fix PS3 lag

by on01 December 2011

Patch has not resolved it

PlayStation 3 Skyrim players continue to struggle with problems related to lag. The lag issues seem to be related to players with large game saves, but a just-released patch for the PlayStation 3 has done little to fix the lag headache.

While the latest patch for the PS3 version of Skyrim was supposed to address lag performance issues, the problem still exists. While some reported that initially after the patch was applied the problem seemed resolved, it apparently reappeared a little while later.

While the lag issue does not seem to affect all players, the players that are affected are quite vocal about their total inability to play the game. While some believe that older PS3 consoles seem to suffer more from the problem, there has been no official confirmation that this is part of the cause.

Bethesda is committed to resolving the issue; but while they investigate, players will continue to suffer.

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