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Could Battlefield 3 still be released on Steam?

by on06 October 2011

Rumors suggest EA & Valve trying to work it out
Could it be that Electronic Arts and Valve are trying to work out their differences so that Battlefield 3 could be released on Steam? A number of sources are reporting that this is the case.

While it is a little late in the game to get this deal done with the release of Battlefield 3 coming on October 25th, sources tell us that it could actually happen. The move could be in response to the news that the beta for Battlefield 3 has attracted six times the number of players that the company had last year for the Battlefield 2: Bad Company 2 beta.

The issues between EA and Valve seem to center on the sales of DLC and the requirement that all DLC had to be sold through Steam. In addition, some other issues are said to exist between the companies. It is understandable that EA prefers to sell its DLC directly and have a relationship with the player, while Steam apparently does not agree with this stance.

EA said earlier this week that its own Origin digital software delivery and sales offering was not in direct competition with Steam. This might have helped thaw the icy standoff between the two companies. Steam users will have to wait and see how this works out, but it surely looks to be more possible than before that Battlefield 3 could still find its way to Steam in the end.

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