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Ubisoft preparing tablet peripheral?

by on22 August 2011


Internal marketing video seems to point to it
If an internal marketing video that made its way to Vimeo but has since been removed is any indication, Ubisoft might be thinking of offering a tablet option for consoles. While it is said to be called the Ubisoft Tablet and part of an internal project called “Project Touch,” it seems to validate that Ubisoft is at least thinking about it.

A number of screenshots from said video are now floating around and they do seem to reinforce that the peripheral is something like the uDraw unit that was already been offered by THQ; this one, however, is green and white and looks much bulkier than the THQ offering.

No rumors of games have been pinned to this Project Touch, but it would appear that it is something that Ubisoft is at least serious about looking at. We will have to wait till at least CES or maybe E3 before the company has something more to talk about on this project.

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