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Vita coming for October release?

by on01 August 2011

Still will likely be phased in launch
While Sony has yet to confirm their plans for the PlayStation Vita launch, suppliers seem to think right now that while it will likely be a phased-in launch, the Japanese market looks to be on track for a mid to late September launch followed by North America and Europe in October.

According to other sources, advertising buys seem to back up this date. However, suppliers tell us that they are ramping up builds for the holiday season which Sony believes will be big for the PlayStation Vita. Of course, no one is predicting numbers yet of how many units they think Sony can move of the Vita; recent comments about the future of handhelds does indicate that at least some software developers believed that they could be squeezed out in the end by smart phones.

The biggest mystery, however, is still getting a handle on the software that will launch with the Vita. While we know a number of the titles, it does still seem to be a small drop in the bucket, with not many titles yet announced after the first wave. We have to think that this will be in the minds of potential buyers. The one good spot of news for Sony might be Nintendo’s recent struggle with the 3DS which resulted in the company slashing prices. It would seem that buyers are looking for something more than what the 3DS offers and just maybe they will find it in the Vita.

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