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Asus releases Kinect clone for PC

by on22 July 2011

However, the Xtion Pro will set you back $300
Asus has jumped into the motion control game with the release of their Xtion Pro, which on the surface is really nothing more than a clone of the Kinect. While the Xtion Pro will not work with your Xbox, it will work with your PC with either Windows or Linux.

The Xtion Pro Live is able to be used with the Asus, designed for use with its Wavi device, which is designed for media streaming. The device allows you to use gestures and movements to do a variety of things, but likely the big draw here will be those that want to develop other applications for the Xtion Pro.

While the Microsoft Kinect will set you back $150, the Xtion Pro will cost you a cool $300. At double the price we are just not sure that it is worth it. Of course, if you are looking to get into development, this might be a better long term solution than using the Kinect on the PC, but only time will tell if users are willing to embrace motion control for the PC.
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