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Battlefield isn’t going FPS MMO

by on07 March 2011

DICE has no plans to go this direction
Despite a number of reports suggesting that Electronic Arts and DICE have been looking at the release of a Battlefield FPS MMO title, it appears that is incorrect. Karl-Magnus Troedsson, who is the GM of DICE, said in an interview of GameInformer that they have no plans to create an FPS MMO in the Battlefield series.

Many believed that EA might be pushing DICE to explore the possibility of a Battlefield FPS MMO, but apparently this isn’t an undertaking that DICE is looking at doing. Troedsson cites the difficulty in retrofitting an established franchise into an FPS MMO, as well the difficulty in getting the core players to support such a move.

Based on a number of discussions that we have had with a number of our sources in the development community, we do believe that the FPS MMO genre is going to heat up in the next couple of years with some established players trying to make a move into this space. We believe right now that the success of FPS MMO titles might be questionable. It is really hard to tell if the gaming playing community wants to go in this direction or not.

See the video interview with Karl-Magus Troedsson here.

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