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Sony NGP (PSP2) to be $299?

by on11 February 2011

GameStop taking pre-orders at that price
From the land of GameStop our often correct leakers tell us that the Next Generation Portable (or PSP2, if you will) from Sony will be sold for $299, according to what is currently in the company’s computer system. Of course, this is much lower and a better value than the place holder price of $999, which was previously the amount that was shown in the system.

While you can’t believe everything you read we have to suggest that if the $299 price is correct, it has to be the Wi-Fi model and does not include much beyond the unit itself and the battery. Our sources continue to tell us that a $299 price is only possible for Sony if they are willing to lose some money on the device, and a $349 price tag is far more likely.

You never know how something like this will shake out, but we suspect that while the price may be accurate in the GameStop system, it might move up or down before release day. The important thing, however, is that they are accepting pre-orders; but no one seems to know exactly when the units will be released in North America. We know for certain that they will be here this holiday season.

Sources continue to say that Sony will announce the actual release information during their press conference at E3.

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