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Don’t give up on Fable III for PC

by on05 January 2011

Update on status coming soon
When Fable III was originally announced, Microsoft told us that there would be both an Xbox 360 and PC version of the game that were intended to be released at the same time. As crunch time hit before release, developer Lionhead had to work hard just to get the Xbox 360 version out on its already announced release date.

The status of the PC version has been a bit in limbo, but sources confirm that Lionhead has been working on getting the PC version ready for release. Apparently, Lionhead was planning to update PC owners on when they can expect this version to arrive, but when this update will come is still a mystery.

The developer confirmed in a recent Twitter posting that they will “hopefully soon” be able to spill the beans on what the plan actually is and when the PC version will be expected for release. The version was originally expected to be launched alongside the Xbox 360 version on October 26th last year.

The fact that the developer is confirming that the game is still in development for PC owners is good news, but we suspect that most PC owners would just like to know when they can buy it.

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